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The Original Registered Trademark of Xinwei

With blue, the symbol of high-tech and reason, as its dominant color, the logo is designed based on letters C and W, two initials of the company’s trade name whose Chinese Pinyin is xin wei, to symbolize modern communication network. The inside arrowhead piercing a semicircle within a square demonstrates speed and power, vivid and easy to remember. 

Trademark Representing Xinwei's Intellectual Property Right

The trademark stems from the initials of Multicarrier Wireless Information Local Loop, a standard independently developed by Xinwei and approved by ITU as an international telecommunication standard. It represents Xinwei’s spirit of innovation and outstanding R&D capabilities.

Trade Name Registered as Xinwei’s Trademark

The registration of Xinwei’s trade name as its trademark integrates Xinwei’s trade name and trademark. Widely applied in brand’s multi-dimension operation, it can not only publicize the company’s trade name and trademark, creating comprehensive brand operation effect, but also enjoy dual protection of laws and regulations. 

Trademark of the New Generation

Vivid and interesting, this trademark looks intelligent, pleasant and full of joy. When shown to the public, the concise symbol is easily to be identified from arrays of trademarks by customers, and to be remembered and widely publicized by them.


Xinwei McLTE

Xinwei McLTE (Multimedia Communication LTE) is a new-generation broadband multi-media digital trunking system integrating voice, data and video services. Developed with TD-LTE, a 4G mobile communication technology, as its core, Xinwei McLTE combines the high speed and large bandwidth of TD-LTE with digital voice technologies such as resource sharing, rapid call setup and command and dispatch. It boasts capabilities of professional trunking communication, real-time data transmission with high reliability and multimedia dispatch, able to provide various multimedia communication services simultaneously like professional voice trunking, broadband data transmission, HD video surveillance and video dispatch within one network. Xinwei McLTE also has considerable technical advantages in the safety, reliability and scalability of network, and can be widely applied in industries including transportation, electricity, mining, petroleum and chemicals, governance, etc.



Rolling lines are the symbol of a bright and booming development prospect.
The trademark implies that in the communication field, numerous network signal access, transmit, integrate to one point and radiate outward from it; professional technology and talents are working in ZCTT, and the first-class products and services of ZCTT are around the whole country and are spreading to the whole world.
The trademark also demonstrates upward tendency and uplifting spirits, the corporate culture of innovation, sharing, cooperation open and wide thinking, flexible expression forms and unlimited development concept.
ZCTT started from communication test but has developed far more than this with honesty, dedication, cooperation, innovation and sharing as its team value. It has established the business system that is covering the whole country and spreading to the whole world.

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